How Do You Make Money on Instagram?

Planning to make money on Instagram? With over 800 million active users, Instagram is a powerhouse you can take advantage of to earn money. Instagram also allows you to create a business account, hinting at its financial potential.

But how can you earn money if Instagram focuses on photographs and videos instead of traditional blog posts?

The landscape of Instagram is vastly different from the likes of Facebook. This means you need to master how Instagram works and what tactics sellers utilize to increase visibility on the platform and earn more.

The first step in doing so is understanding what Instagram users love.

Master What Instagram Users Love

People expect Instagram users to upload high-quality pictures. This requires a firm grasp on Instagram’s different filters.

Not all filters deliver good results. Some may not be appropriate for the kind of content you market. Others might make your photos look too amateur or unappealing to the audience.

Take time to master which filters are popular and for what kind of content you should apply them to.

Filters are only the beginning. Take time to master the different photo trends and hashtags too. Instagram is always evolving and you have to keep up with the pace.

Integrating Shopify

While there are other ways to make money on Instagram, nothing comes close to the simplicity and elegance of Shopify. It’s an app that lets you add a shopping cart and other monetization features to your Instagram.

This lets your Instagram followers buy the items you post without leaving the platform. Posted a photo of a watch you sell? Go ahead and integrate Shopify so people who like it can buy it and still move on to check the other photos on your account.

Reach Out to Influencers

Influencers are people with thousands of followers. They’re celebrities on the platform. Not every influencer is a famous Hollywood star though – some might be famous because they focus on a particular niche.

You might encounter an Instagram account with more than 10,000 followers and they focus primarily on movie reviews. If you sell merchandise, reach out to them and ask if they can be a sponsor. They can inform their followers about your Instagram shop while wearing a product to showcase it to their audience.

Optimize Your Instagram and Use External Tools

Optimizing your Instagram account uses a name that is easy to search, has a memorable keyword, and a bio that utilizes up to 150 characters. Add a link in your bio too since this is the only place to hook visitors to your website’s landing page.

Get creative with hashtags and make sure to use 15-20 hashtags in each post. Go over that limit and you might get flagged.

One way to check the efficiency your optimization efforts, use tools like Hootsuite and Social Insight. The former lets you schedule posts ahead of time and the other tracks important metrics you should track.

Make Money on Instagram Now!

What are you waiting for? Optimize, plan ahead, find a monetization app, and start reaching out to influencers to market and earn on Instagram.

If you still find marketing on Instagram or other social media platforms challenging, don’t give up yet. Look around our website and discover more how-to guides and useful tips on what types of businesses you can start online and how to advertise on social media!

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