Gunnar Optiks Review – Do they really work?

Can glasses really help when it comes to looking at screens all day?

Let’s find out.

To say that I have sensitive eyes would be an understatement of the century. I have extremely sensitive eyes when it comes to looking at screens all day.

Working in IT and Software development, I have to look at screens all day long.

When I asked around for a solution many suggested I try the Gunnar Optiks.

What is Gunnar?

Gunnar is an eyewear brand that designs glasses specifically for looking at digital displays.

What I liked about the Glasses?

Having used them for a couple of weeks now I have some liking and some disliking about the glasses.

They come in a lot of different styles and frames and can suit pretty much every face. The Regents are really nice and flexible with spring loaded ear pieces.

I am very unlikely to break them.

They are sort of an ombre color and from the first time you put them on, it is pretty similar to putting your screen on the warm preset on your monitor. It makes everything more clear in contrast.

After wearing them I do not have to squint my eyes anymore.

These are Carl Zeiss optics and that is a big deal if you know anything about camera lens.

If I don’t use them for a screen it feels like there is something major missing. You get accustomed to using them.

My eyes feel hydrated by the end of the day. My fan is not directly blowing in my eyes, I now have some protection over my eyes.

There is a slight prescription to where things do move slightly when it comes to the perspective. There is a little bit of optic correction needed there.

I personally think they work for my eyes. They might not work for you. Something else might work for you.

Now, for those of you who want to know about F.Lux.

Why I don’t use F.Lux?

First, F.Lux needs to be installed.

Second, it makes my screen look like crap.

I have multi monitor setup in my workspace, I’m looking at servers, at other people’s monitors, my smartphone, my tablet, my tv, so many screens. You just can’t install F.Lux on all that stuff.

It’s good only when you are going to constantly look at a single screen.

Gunnar glasses work for me. You can get them in the Micro Store or online.

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