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CBD Oil Review – What You Need To Know Before You Get Started

Everywhere you go someone is talking about CBD oil.

That means its a perfect time to get into the cbd oil business, but only after you know the facts.

Besides, it’s fairly difficult to talk about CBD oil because it’s close to cannabis and all the censorship involved with that.

This post is however is going to walk you through three important facts: 1) The actual science behind CBD oil. 2) Where to buy the magic potion and 3) How to start a cbd oil business for free.

There is a fair amount of misconception when talking about CBD. It’s good to know up front, that endo receptors in our body occur naturally, and endocannabinoids are natural too.

In this article we will look into all the things that go on when it comes to endocannabinoids.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis and does not have a psychoactive effect like with THC. It works on different receptors within our body.

We have two different receptors:

CBD1 – Mostly found in the brain. It affects your mood, emotion, appetite, even coordination, movement and pain that relate to your brain and how you perceive it.

CBD2 – Works on the body; inflammation and immune system.

There is a correlation between CBD1 and CBD2 as they can communicate. But one is more for the brain and one is more for the body.

Both of them exist all throughout our bodies and not just in our brains. Also, they affect other parts of the body besides the psychoactive portion like our immune system and inflammatory system. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) activates both of these as well.

The Science of CBD Oils

“Do not believe in all of the marketing that says CBD Oil only effects CBD2 receptors.”

CBD2 receptors have connection with immune system and inflammation.

CBD Oil does not directly affect CBD1 or CDB2 receptors. 

It influences the body to utilize more of its naturally occurring endocannabinoids. Therefore, enhancing how those endocannabinoid receptors, particularly the CBD2, actually utilize them.

Our bodies can naturally create endocannabinoids but we also get some quantities of them from our food and various polyphenols we consume.

Physiological Effects

Even though you have a natural utilization of these endocannabinoids it doesn’t necessarily mean that the endocannabinoids are the end-all be-all.

It’s actually the by-product of this.

It is the utilization and activation of Vanilloid, Adenosine and Serotonin receptors that ultimately give us the end result and the sensation we are seeking when we look to CBD oil.

Vanilloid Receptors

Vanilloid receptors end up working with body temperatures. They help you regulate inflammation through different ways.

If we have a high or low core body temperature it’s going to affect our inflammation. Vanilloid are directly correlated with endocannabinoids receptors.

Adenosine Receptors

How many of you have ever had a cup of coffee? Or how many of you have ever had caffeine?

So, you know the exciting feeling that you get.

What happens with adenosine is that you end up blocking adenosine with caffeine.

This means you get more excited because adenosine relaxes you.

If you have a lot of it in your body you might even feel sleepy.

CBD affects the adenosine receptor by increasing the activity of it.

It kind of does the opposite of the bad effects of caffeine.

Coffee triggers adrenaline, noradrenaline, epinephrine… all of the catecholamines that cause us to have a heightened sense of awareness and alertness. That gives us energy, not just the blocking of adenosine.

CBD oils on the other had gives you a nice calm feeling which is why so many people like to utilize it.

Dopamine Receptors

Dopamine is the reward system within the brain. By activating dopamine, it allows our body to feel better all the time i.e. utilizing our natural dopamine.


Glutamate is one of the major mediators of excitatory signals, being involved in memory, learning and cognition. It triggers energy. Too much of it can lead to seizures. The right amount of it can trigger energy in the right places.

When you think about the calming effect of adenosine making you calm, then combine it with a specific energy effect of glutamate, you actually have a unique thing. You are calm but specific parts of your brain are energized that are correlated with memory and retention.

Thereby, you can have the right energy in the brain, stimulating creative process all the while feeling calm, relaxed, anti-inflamed yet still awake in terms of your brain.

Serotonin Receptors

CBD activates 5-HT1A which acts like an SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor). It allows our body to create more serotonin and utilize it more efficiently. Serotonin is a feel-good neurotransmitter.

Cancer & CBD Oils

We have specific signals that happen in the body when it comes down to cancer. GPR55 is something that triggers minerals and vitamins to be retrieved from the bones to ultimately feed cancer. That is why people with cancer end up with weaker bones.

CBD reduces the body’s ability to retrieve nutrients from the bone to feed cancer cells. This is just one of the many ways that CBD has an effect on cancer. It is also one of the most researched one.

I hope you now have a clear general overview of what CBD is and have cleared some crazy marketing myths surrounding CBD.

People are utilizing CBD in the wrong way and marketing it poorly. You now know what happens in the body when you intake CBD and why it does so.

Where To Buy CBD Oil

My entire family is now taking CBD oil, including the dog. Yes, they have CBD Oil for dogs too!

We found a US based company that made pure CBD hemp oil in a number of different offerings. From 300mg to 1500 mg. If you are looking for high cbd hemp oil, they have that and more!

Final CBD Oil Review

Back pain relief for the Mr. and hip pain relief for the dog were the first observations when taking the new product. There are a number of CBD oil options to choose from, so look around and see if you see something that could work for your specific situation.

CTFO has a free cbd oil affiliate program, so if you like the product. Consider adding their cbd oil to your product reccomendations.

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