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Business Automation: A Zapier Review

Ever feel the need to connect your everyday apps to automate your work and be more productive?

Today I’ll be reviewing an app that can actually glue your tools together and provide you with seamless workflows.

What is Zapier?

At its core, Zapier is tool that connects two pieces of web software to a customize workflow. When you are running your own business you have tons of different software that you utilize for your day to day activities. You might be using Facebook Ads and an email autoresponder like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. Perhaps you are running ClickFunnels or WordPress for your website.

Now for instance, if a lead comes into your ClickFunnels or Facebook you want an automatic text notification to come to one of your employees and start emailing the lead. Essentially, you want App A to perform a task, communicate with App B and want App B to start performing another task. Now it’s totally possible App A and App B are from two different software companies who don’t necessarily get along well. That’s where Zapier comes in.

How does Zapier work?

Zapier connects software services.

It has triggers in one software that makes something happen, it then sends the trigger to another software and makes something else happen.

Example: Connect Google Sheets with Gmail

I want to send an email every time I enter a person’s name and email in Google sheets.

For this workflow I’ll need to create a Zap.

There are two steps involved.

#1 Trigger

  1. Select Google Sheets from the hundreds of software choices available in Zapier.
  2. Select to add a trigger for whenever a new row is added.
  3. Select your account you want to link with Google Sheets.
  4. It will display all your spreadsheets in a drop down menu. Select your spreadsheet.
  5. Your spreadsheet might have multiple sheets in it. Select the sheet you want to link in your Zap.
  6. Do a test run to see if you connected successfully.

#2 Action

  1. Search for Gmail in the action area.
  2. Select send an email option in Gmail.
  3. Connect a Gmail account using the email.
  4. Choose the column in your spreadsheet where you will be storing your emails as your sender of the email.
  5. Put yourself as CC and add the rest of the basic information in addition to the email body.
  6. You can even add other spreadsheet values like First Name associated with the email column in the email body.
  7. Once done, you are ready to go.
  8. Name Your Zap – Once you have confirmed your trigger and action you can continue to name your Zap. Turn the Zap on and you will have your very own customized Zap workflow working automatically.

How and Why to Use Zapier?

You can connect, pretty much all mainstream software in Zapier. You can also create customized workflows to suit your business needs.

It saves you tons of time and even manpower to do tasks your business needs. Your time is extremely valuable. That’s why it’s a great idea to put in business automation wherever possible.

All businesses use Zapier in one way or the other to speed up their task flow.

Final Zapier Review and Thoughts

Zapier is simple and easy to use business automation tool. It can automate so many tasks. That you will wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Zapier is a super cool software for many of your business/work needs.

Check out more information on zapier here.

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