Affiliate Marketing Tip – Write A Free Ebook

Penning down a free, detailed ebook happens to be a great tactic for selling more affiliate services/products. This ebook can help you out in 2 different ways.

I recommend that you utilize both methods listed here in every free ebook that you write down.

The 1st way is by promoting affiliate links in a discret manner via your ebook, wherever appropriate.

You may mention a product’s name in a casual manner in a chapter of the book, or add a product review, or provide a helpful “Additional Resources” chapter towards your book’s end.

The 2nd way is by placing links to your website from your book.

You can provide additional information or details on your website or provide a link to your review page.

When you send readers off to your site, you’ll get a chance to display additional products to them and obtain an opportunity to enroll them in your regular newsletter list.

How do you get started then?

Well, select a topic that’s close to your heart and which you’re knowledgeable about.

Develop a theme for your book.

Find out what people are searching for on a particular subject.

For instance, parents of newly-born infants are likely to have an interest in strategies and tips that can help their baby sleep better at night.

Somebody looking to work from home may like to read a book that talks about how to detect a work from home scam & resources useful for finding legitimate jobs.

Develop a rough outline or start grouping articles that you’ve already written on this topic, which are all related to each other.

Now, simply add a bit more substance to your work and start incorporating affiliate links.

Ebooks usually have at least around 25 pages or more.

While this may seem like a ton of work, do keep the text’s font size high enough that people are capable of reading it better on computer screens.

Let’s also talk about the ebook’s format.

You may purchase software for creating an ebook.

Alternatively, you may also publish it as a PDF doc.

PDF documents can be opened on almost all computers & people have no problems with downloading them either.

I mostly write my books using MS Word and then format it there, adding any necessary graphics or pictures, and convert them into a PDF.

You can either use MS Acrobat or a free PDF generator service available online.

Next, start circulating your ebook everywhere you can.

Remember – If no one’s reading your books, you can’t increase your affiliate sales.

You may provide it for free on your website or ask users to sign up for your newsletter in exchange for this book.

You may also include a note on each page’s footer section that readers are free to share this book to their friends and family who may be looking for resources on this subject.

Provide this ebook for free to other site owners & post it for free on ebook directories.

Sit back & watch as your book does all your work.

Within a 2 – 3 weeks, you’ll be able to see a boost in your affiliate sales.

Start working on another book once that’s done.

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