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3 Creative Ways to Get Maximum Exposure for Your Online Business

Let’s face it: the Internet is a big place. By 2014, there were more than 1 billion websites, and that was four years ago.

And in the US, online retail is a $200 billion industry.

Point being: if you want to be an online entrepreneur, you’re facing stiff competition. It helps to have all the extra oomph you can get.

Here, we’re breaking down four creative ways for maximum exposure.

1. Social Media Exposure

The number of worldwide active social media users is expected to hit 3.02 billion by 2021. So if you need a market to spread your business, social media is the place to be.

While the tides are shifting and creating new platforms all the time, Facebook remains a giant on the social media stage. It’s a great place to check in with your current customers and let potential new customers know what you’re all about.

Of course, if you’re a visual business, Instagram is also a great choice–think of it like a digital, real-time magazine.

Of course, social media engagement isn’t just about posting. You have to engage with your viewers, show them what you’re all about, optimize your posts, run strategic ads, and, above all, don’t fall into the trap of the used car salesman.

For a closer look at how to make the most of your Insta, click here.

2. Create Content for a Targeted Audience

Let’s face it: where marketing is concerned, your blog is made of gold.

But only if you know how to use it properly.

One of the best ways to make your blog work for your business is to create content for a targeted audience. This will show your audience of choice that you’re a resource they can rely on–and encourage them to come back.

To do this, you need to know a few things about your target audience. For example:

  • What is their job?
  • What’s a problem they have that you can solve for them?
  • When they log onto the Internet, what are they looking for?
  • What’s the product or service they can’t live without?
  • What questions do they want to be answered?

Once you know who your audience is, you can create content designed to appeal to them. These should be long blog posts–think “The Ultimate Guide to X” in which you break down all facets of the question in order to answer it fully in the best way possible.

3. SEO, SEO, and More SEO

Real talk: you need SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making your website readable by search engines (and thus accessible for your potential customers).

Essentially, SEO is how customers find you through the almighty Google.

There’s a lot of reasons why you need SEO, and not just to improve your search rankings. SEO results in a better user experience, local SEO can result in in-person sales, and, of course, a quality, sustained SEO campaign helps boost your brand credibility.

Here are a few SEO trends that will change the game in 2018.

Helping You Get Maximum Exposure

Ready to get maximum exposure? It helps to know what you’re doing, and that’s where we come in.

Check out our blog for more tips on how to rock your online entrepreneurship, like this step-by-step guide to creating an online business.

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