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Top Network Marketing Jobs For 2021

Network marketing in 2021 is taking an exciting twist as multi-level marketing businesses are looking to expand their network span. This plan is also aimed at improving the well-being of their customers as well as giving salespeople better working opportunities.passive income guide

This growth of network marketing companies is poised at allowing salespeople to set and choose their work hours while leveraging better commission opportunities.

In this regard, we’ve compiled a list of the leading network marketing companies that have their system set up in a way that allows network marketers to make more money.

Top 6 Network Marketing Companies with Lucrative Job Opportunities

6. Vasayo

As one of the top MLM companies, Vasayo is looking to recruit aspiring network marketers. If you’re quite familiar with vitamins and how they work, then Vasayo is a network marketing company to reckon with. Leveraging an advanced type of health technology, Vasayo explains that carrier additives and agents in most nutritional supplements in the health mainstream prevent the body from absorbing these nutrients.

This new network marketing company states that they can prevent these inhibitors by some capsules that filter their way into the body as blends of micro nutrients. These micro nutrients are specifically tailored to combat some health problems such as insomnia and obesity.

Vasayo operates a network marketing structure that allows you to rank higher as you sell. As part of their commission incentives, they offer vacation trips and other bonuses to their top network marketers.

5. Total Life Changes

This is another network marketing company that deals with health and wellness. TLC products are divided into three categories – Skincare, Nutrition, and Iaso Café. Most of their products are receiving excellent reviews on Amazon. TLC has been on the rise for years, and based on the stats as regards the wellness market; it will continue to do so.

Unlike most network marketing jobs, when you get recruited into the team, the network marketing company starts you off by setting up a website for you. You are also allowed to keep 50% of every sale in commissions. You get eligible for bonuses as you recruit people into the system.

Over time, as you recruit people into the system, TLC might choose to reward you with a car.

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4. Senegence

If you happen to know a thing a two about the cosmetic niche market, you should probably identify with this network marketing company. Senegence is significantly known for its LipSense lipstick that makes the lip look surgically enhanced.

Senegence was founded by a single mother named Joni Rogers-Kante two decades ago. This network marketing company offers a huge discount to sellers, plus a 50% commission on sales. However, there is a slight downside attached to this. As part of their network marketing strategies, network marketers would need to make a prior investment of $55 as part of the recruiting process. After this, they will have to buy kits as prospective customers will like to sample what they are buying.

The lipstick is said to live up to its acclaimed standards, though. If you happen to have a knack for beauty trends, then you may just make a fortune out of this MLM company.

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3. Dagcoin

From the name of this network marketing company, you might be able to guess that they deal with cryptocurrency. Dagcoin claims to be the most usable cryptocurrency on earth. From market analysis, it was affirmed that Dagcoin rose to fame faster than Bitcoin did in its time. This network marketing company was founded by an Estonia-based European investor known as Nils Grossberg.

Dagcoin has been around for a couple of years and operates by the simple rule of the more you invest, the more you earn. Unlike most network marketing companies, Dagcoin doesn’t sell products. Its goal is to make cryptocurrency readily available to everyone.

Considering the growth of most network marketing companies, this is deemed as a just cause. Dagcoin also gives you a 10% commission for every friend you refer to invest in their platform. This is quite different from the earnings you’ll accumulate from your investments.

2. Modere

Modere was initially a direct sales company. They chose to relaunch a few years back with the brand name as; Modere. Modere deals with eco-friendly products both for home and health. Modere refers to its recruits as social marketers. Modere is one of the network marketing companies that allows you to employ topnotch network marketing strategies to make sales and promote the brand’s name.

You also have the option of using network marketing tools at your disposal. This also encourages bloggers and affiliate marketers to join the team. Modere has a powerful brand that has garnered a strong reputation over time.

The brand’s strength can be credited to its 3-pillar weight loss plan that has been endorsed by industry experts, leading scientists, and board-certified physicians. If you’re quite experienced in direct sales and health products, then Modere is the way to go.

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1. Young Living

This is yet another MLM company that deals with health products, essential oils precisely. Young Living strives to ensure that people harness the benefits of essential oils to live healthy and happy. The founder, Gary Young, started dealing with organic herbs on his farm decades ago.

Recently, the network marketing company has enlarged to the point where Young Living recruits can receive commissions on the products they sell. Young Living also seeks to arm network marketers with vast experiences needed to thrive in the field.

Young Living also some reputable brand ambassadors such as Tia Mowry and Alexa PenaVega; this invariably gives the MLM company a high-profile edge.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been hunting for network marketing jobs, these MLM companies discussed above can help in setting your feet in the right direction. You should also understand that network marketing needs the right tools to function well.

In this regard, you can harness our free quality network marketing training as we arm you with the right network marketing tools to succeed. You are also welcome to join our free members’ community where we release top-notch network marketing materials frequently. See you on the inside.

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