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Top 10 Great Business Ideas For Veterans

The word ‘veteran’ is used to describe a person with long experience in a particular field. However, the term is widely used to describe those who have served in the military for a very long time. The latter is how we would use the term ‘veteran’ in this article.

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As a veteran, it is no doubt that you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you. Your long years of training and active service in the military could make you a better entrepreneur than the ordinary civilian. All you need is the right business idea for veterans which you can find below.

1. Fitness Trainer

The fact that you are a military veteran makes you a better fitness trainer than anyone else. Your long years in service have made your military training a big part of you that cannot be taken away. Anybody who loves hardcore training would want you to become their coach. As a veteran, when searching for ideas for home businesses, being a fitness trainer is one way to go.

2. Retail Shop

This is one popular business idea among veterans, and it is one of the best money making ideas. Starting a retail shop is specifically recommended for veterans who are good in the marketing world, sales, and supply chain management. If you decide to start a retail shop, you could opt for products with a military theme. You joined the military to serve. Opening a retail shop would make you serve more as a full-time business.

3. Firearms Trainer

If you miss your time at the battlefront, then becoming a firearm training instructor is a good business idea. It is no doubt that you are a skilled shooter, and people who wish to rain with firearms would be glad to have a veteran as their coach. This is a good business idea which you can start in your home. Becoming a firearm training instructor would mean you are turning something you are good at into a business.

4. Construction Company

Starting a construction company with the skills learned in service is another idea for home business. As a veteran, it is no doubt that you might have been involved in one construction job or the other while at your military base especially if you are someone who is into engineering. Starting a small construction company in your basement is one way to generate a steady flow of income if you know how to use your tools.

5. Private Security Agency

As a veteran, no one is more eligible to enter into the security industry than you. You have been protecting your country for a good number of years, why not turn your experience into an organization? You could start a security agency by recruiting interested and qualified individuals, training them with your military experience, and then sending them out to businesses who need security officials. These businesses would in turn pay for your services.

6. Private Investigation Agency

This is a business idea for veterans which might interest you. You have been in the military, and one thing you hate for sure is criminals. You could begin a private investigation agency. That is something like the FBI, but in this case, owned by you. To run this type of business, you must read what the law has to say concerning these types of organizations. This idea is a nice way to continue your “military service” privately. 

7. Art Gallery

If you’ve got a passion for drawing and painting, then establishing an art gallery where you sell your work is an idea that could earn you a lot. You could even keep your drawing military-themed. This would attract other military personnel both those who are active in service and those who are retired to your gallery. If you’re good at what you do, the government could call you in for some art to decorate their military department.

8. Travel and Tour Guide

If you are a veteran who served outside the country, then starting a travel and tour business is one of the best money making ideas you can go for. There are so many people who love traveling. You could become their guide and help the visit countries you’ve visited during service. With the experience you have, you can also visit countries you’ve never visited and still give your clients a life’s adventure they will never forget. 

9. Professional Arms Dealer

You are a military man, no one probably knows about arms more than you do. You can choose to become a professional arms dealer since you’ve been with arms for a good portion of your life. However, before venturing into this business, you would want to make sure you make the necessary research and get the necessary documentation that approves you to sell arms. While selling arms can be lucrative, it needs to be run with extreme care.

10. Auto Repair Company

business ideas for veterans

If you love automobiles, then this is one business you should consider. You probably must have done some work on your military vehicle while at the base so you are not new to this. Nevertheless, your passion for autos would make it easy for you to learn how things operate in this field. You should enter into the automobile repair industry if you like autos. This is a business idea for veterans that could start at your garage.

Final Words

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As a veteran, there is no doubt that you have learned plenty of skills during your years of service. The truth is, these skills can help you survive in the entrepreneurial world better than any ordinary civilian. Your hard days of training could be added to the entrepreneurial spirit in you to grow a big business. The business ideas for veterans discussed here can help you get started. 

I personally started with a passive income opportunity after getting out of the Army, and the experience was wonderful. Learn more about that program here. If you have any questions or have more business ideas for veterans that you would like to share. Please leave them in the comments section below.

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