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The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money on Pinterest

A social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is essential for anyone with a business. Social media is one of the best ways to attract new clients and keep existing ones.

Pinterest is often overlooked as a means for bringing in new businesses. It’s much more than a photo-sharing website. This visual platform is a great way to accumulate traffic to your website and make cash.

If you take the time to build a presence on Pinterest, the amount of business you’ll accumulate may surprise you.

Read on to learn how to make money on Pinterest.

Create a Board

Chances are if you’re passionate about something, so are a lot of other people. Pinterest is a great way to find these people.

For instance, if you teach yoga, other people who are also into yoga scroll through Pinterest for pictures of yoga poses and tips.

The same holds true for anything you’re passionate about, from crocheting to interior design. Having a board or several boards with pictures of your crafts will lead to followers.

These followers are going to want to see more of what you’ve got and will go to your website to learn more about what you do and what your business is all about.

Promote Another Business

Sticking with the yoga example, if you teach yoga, it makes sense to affiliate with businesses that sell yoga-related products. These businesses will pay you to help get the word out.

You can ask these businesses for sponsorship. How you make money on Pinterest is by these companies paying you to use their branding on your account.

Another way to make money on Pinterest is to promote their products on your Pinterest account. If you’ve accumulated a lot of traffic and have a lot of followers, then this affiliate partnership is a no-brainer.

Keep track of the number of clicks by using an app that shortens URL links, like Bitly. The app can track your pins, boards, and the number of hits.

Help Others on Pinterest

People use Pinterest to get ideas. If the pictures you post peaks people’s interest, you’re going to get more and more clicks on your board and then your website. There are several ways you can approach this.

One way to attract followers and make money on Pinterest is to have pictures of “How to” lists. Make sure to use keywords and SEO strategies.

The next obvious step after clicking on your pin is to find out more details. Next thing you know, followers are on your website investigating your business.

Re-pinning pins is a great way to win over followers. It the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” strategy. People want to be liked, and if you re-pin a pin, that’s the ultimate way of liking someone on Pinterest. This person is going to return the favor. And from that, your pins spread like wildfire.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

With all of the effort you put into creative ways to build your business, it’s good to know all your options. Having a great website and a constant presence on social media is essential.

But you can reach a whole new level of clients through Pinterest. If you’ve been wondering how to make money on Pinterest, hopefully, this article has given you some ideas and also the incentive.

Have fun pinning!

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