Super Affiliate Accelerator Network Review

Super Affiliate Accelerator Network Review – Is It A Scam

If you are reading this blog post chances are that you are looking into the Super Affiliate Accelerator – what is it, is it legit or a scam and how can you make money off it? In this Super Affiliate Accelerator review, we’re going to walk through it so that you can understand exactly what you are getting. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Network Review

Starting off with Jacob Caris who happens to be one of the most exceptional leading affiliate marketers of our time Jacob is the person behind Super Affiliate Accelerator. 

He is one of the leaders inside of the Legendary Marketer Wizard, which is a marketing system and a business opportunity by David Sharp. Jacob has now created his own program called Super Affiliate Accelerator. 

You can check the program out below. 

On their page, you will see a case study and a link to a webinar which you can join to see if this is something for you. The case study is a 22-minute video followed by some testimonials of people who have used the system and benefited from it. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Program Breakdown

Super Affiliate Accelerator is a very detailed program. Having reviewed tons and tons of affiliate marketing programs like this I know the good, the bad, and the ugly of all this. It’s quite rare that you find good programs online, especially in affiliate marketing – make money from home niche which is actually quality. 

Jacob Caris’s program is one of those good programs. It’s a very extensive program with 42 days of training. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Network Modules:

In the first module, he talks about the introduction and gives you a breakdown of affiliate marketing. 

In module number two, which I really like, he talks about mindset and success because indeed that is really important. If you don’t have the right mindset then you’re always going to lose in this online marketing game. Remember, this is a real business. 

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Then in module three, he talks about picking a niche and the whole process is focused on picking high-end products that are a bit expensive but pay you around $1k to $2k in commissions per purchase. The commissions can go as high as $5k to $10k depending on the products. So it allows you to make more income by picking the right kind of products in the right niches.

In the next module, he has a fast start process where he covers everything about getting started and how to create your own content which is really important. If you don’t have your own content to market your stuff, you can’t brand yourself and when you can’t brand yourself you don’t build authority. If you don’t build influence you can’t make money. Inside Jacob’s Super Affiliate Accelerator he teaches you how to do just that. 

Then he teaches you about monetization. He gives you a few different strategies that you can leverage to try and monetize your offers, especially high ticket offers. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Network Review

Finally, he talks about closing the deal. Closing the deal is all about how to convert leads from platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Phone. He covers a few basic sales techniques over the phone as well as online. 

In module seven to eleven, he covers networking. Various topics like building your network,  how to get leads how to get traffic, emails, managing Facebook groups, generating leads through Instagram are also covered. He has a few case studies as well. 

When you combine it all together you’ve got a fairly detailed step-by-step program that will teach you how to start to generate a lot of high-ticket sales inside of affiliate marketing which is basically selling digital products online. 

Cost and Refund Policy 

This program is not for everyone. Why? Because it comes at a price point of $2000. Depending on you, you may or may not be able to afford this program. It’s not affordable but a quality program. 

They have live training every single week. They’ve got a 42-day core training program as I mentioned earlier. They have a private Facebook group where you can get support. 

You can resell the affiliate program and they pay up to 50% commissions. You can make a

thousand dollars just like that. 

There’s NO REFUND POLICY AT ALL. All sales are final so if you spend $2000 and you don’t like the program then, unfortunately, you’re not going to get a refund.  

Overall I would say this is an excellent program if you want to learn how to sell high-ticket affiliate marketing products. It just depends on whether you are in the right place right now to take advantage of something like this.

That was it for my Super Affiliate Accelerator Network Review, now for the final question. 

Is Super Affiliate Accelerator Legit or Scam? 

Supper Affiliate Accelerator is 100% legit. You get a lot of quality content that is practical and can earn you a lot of money. You can even go for the product’s affiliate program and make $1000 straight on every purchase. The only con is the price point. It’s a high-end product that comes with no refund policy whatsoever. So choose wisely and best of luck. 

For more reviews on products like these be sure to check out my blog.

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