Quality vs. Quantity in Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, there are 2 kinds of marketing professionals.

The 1st group says that we should be focused on publishing the maximum amount of content that’s possible (quantity-driven approach).

The 2nd group insists that quality is always more important than quantity.

Let’s settle this ancient “quantity vs quality” debate and see what pros and cons are present in both camps.

Up until a few years ago, quantity could get you a ton of traction and help you rank higher on search engine results.

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Publishing short articles and blog posts could get you ranked first on Google’s search results.

However, these strategies simply don’t work anymore.

When you analyze the 1st page of a search result in Google, no matter what the keyword is, you will observe that the top three spots have articles that have around 2000 words on average.

Keep in mind, that’s only the average figure.

These days, skyscraper content happens to be all the rage.

Businesses and brands are competing against each other for ranking the highest by publishing several long-form detailed articles.

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How does this affect you?

If you’re looking to rank high on search engine results for certain keywords, that means you’ll have to start publishing long-form, detailed articles!

However, please note that not every long-form article qualifies as a high-quality article.

It’s really easy to draft paragraphs and sentences for writing a 2000-word article.

Search engine algorithms have advanced by a lot these days.

Gaming the system is just way too hard & blackhat SEO methods do not simply work anymore.

As a matter of fact, you can even be penalized for adopting them.

If you intend to rank higher for a keyword, you’ll need to publish a juicy, well-written 2000+ word article.

You can’t fill it up with fluff anymore.

Search engines have started to track the time that people spend on your website.

If people start bouncing way too fast, that tells Google that the content on your website isn’t suitable at all.

Therefore, don’t create content merely to please search engines.

Ensure that human readers are your first priority and write the article so well that they love it.


Search engines like Google will pick it up in no time and reward your content even more!

In conclusion, I recommend that you have a quantity-driven approach while ensuring that you publish regularly and consistently.

Here is what we suggest – publish a good number of top-quality articles and the likelihood of you dominating search engine results will just keep getting higher and higher.

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