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Officeless Agency Review – Is Officeless Agency A Scam

If you are here then you are probably searching for an Officeless Agency review. In the following paragraphs, I’ll be going through all the details of this program so you can better decide whether it is for you or not. 

What is Officeless Agency? 

According to the website of Officeless Agency which claims it is the perfect business model for 2020 with low overhead costs, Officeless Agency requires no previous skills, can even be run in spare time hours and can be run remotely. 

If you talk about the landing page of Officeless Agency, the website is well-built in comparison to similar products in the same niche out there. The video on the page is authentic and by the same people who created the course. 

They use the offer strategy by reducing the price to an outrageously 98% low. That too by creating urgency saying the offer expires in a day. 

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How does it work? 

So, Officeless Agency claims to be contrary to the traditional businesses where you need to rent a place, employ people, there is a high inventory cost, you are stuck in a location, have to handle a lot of moving parts, and can be easily hurt by the recession. 

On the other hand, Officeless Agency is an extremely low cost, needs no employees, all you need is a laptop and internet, can be run from anywhere, is simple and low maintenance, and can thrive in a recession. 

Now, these claims, how true are they? Read on to find out. 

Essentially, Officeless Agency is teaching you how to create a Digital Marketing Agency run from home. 

How does a Digital Marketing Agency work? 

You basically go out there to traditional brick and mortar stores like contractors, roofing companies, bakeries, plumbers, and businesses who want to get more customers but don’t really know how the online world works in terms of reaching out to new clients. 

This package is going to teach you the skills you need to do just that. So, essentially you will be taught the basic digital marketing methods like Google ads, Facebook ads, and other various methods to attract the target audience. 

Pros and Cons of Officeless Agency 

1. On the video they make it sound super simple. They have a strong motive behind doing that but the truth of the matter is while all this is totally doable and genuine. You can totally find businesses that need to grow and expand. They will need digital marketing services. But getting new clients for any new business is not that easy. 

2. If you don’t master digital marketing yourself, you will never be able to deliver it to your clients. You have to get out there and find clients to trust you with 1 to 5 thousand dollars per month to run campaigns for them. It’s not as simple as it sounds. 

3. In order to work your way you need to run digital ad campaigns for these companies. Gone are the times when all you had to do was create ads and put them up there to start seeing results. It’s a bit complicated now, it needs a lot of knowledge, experience, and expertise before the dollars start pouring in. 

4. There is nothing wrong with Officeless Agency as a product, it’s just the complexity of the business model. If you can’t deliver to your clients, you are in much trouble. 

5. There are a lot of successful Digital Marketers like Tai Lopez out there who are a sensation when it comes to this stuff. They promote this idea of making tons and tons of money online via a digital marketing agency but sadly it’s not the best business model out there. There are a number of other business models out there that are easy to run, establish, and make money off all online. 

6. If you are going to make money via digital marketing in a short period of time, you will be required to hire people who are good at what you aren’t. That takes time and energy. You will need to keep track and delegate tasks. 

7. Hiring other people can be expensive. A good ad manager, even when they freelance, are not very affordable. They charge you for the skill, which is only fair. 

Should you buy Officeless Agency? 

So, before you consider buying this program be sure to read this section. 

Officeless Agency has been receiving a ton of complaints. People are confused about their purchasing process. Even when it says it’s $9.94, on the checkout page they upsell you automatically. Although it is optional, a lot of people don’t realize to untick the button before paying. They are charged an additional $24. People realize later that they have bought something they didn’t expect to buy. Also, not all people applying for a refund actually get refunded. That’s just a very negative experience for many people. 

Now for the training. Is it good? Yes, it is. Even when they have this tricky checkout and tardy refund process, the training in itself is good. For the money you are paying, you get to learn a lot of stuff. 

It depends on you and on what you are looking for. The barrier to entry in this industry is hard. To know about digital marketing this course is only a starter. You will have to build your extensive knowledge base on top of it. 

If you already have some skills and don’t want to have an office, this is again not for you. Although it says it’s officeless, who are you kidding? This stuff requires a lot of effort and you can’t be a one-man show. 

It’s possible to make money online via digital marketing but it’s tough. The product is okay but remember there are a lot of other easier ways to make money online. 

Is Officeless Agency Legit or Spam? 

Officeless Agency is legit as a product. They give you the right knowledge in terms of building a digital marketing agency but the only problem is that the business model is not as easy as they claim. That’s just my review. It can work, of course, but how fast and how you’ll see the turnaround, totally depends. Although, I still insist it’s not for complete beginners in digital marketing. 

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