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How To Start A Podcast On YouTube

Even though YouTube is all about creating, sharing, and watching videos. You can also use it to expand your podcast’s audience.

YouTube may not be a podcasting platform, but the video social platform counts 30 million visitors every day. Why would you not make your podcast also accessible to this huge potential audience?

Also, YouTube can help with search engine optimization which can help drive traffic to your podcast platform.

Learn more about how to start a Podcast on YouTube below.

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Publish Your Podcast on YouTube

Publishing your audio podcast on YouTube is the easiest way to start a podcast on YouTube.

It consists of taking the audio from your podcast and turning it into a video by simply putting a cover art on the screen.

This could help expand your podcast’s reach, but ultimately it’s not the best way of sharing your podcast on the platform.

A video of cover art isn’t engaging and it could do more harm than good and may make people stop wanting to hear your full message (no matter how good it is).

If you want to persist with this method, you should try to create visually interesting slides to accompany your audio content.

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Film Your Podcast

A step up from the previous method is to actually upload or stream a real video recording of your podcast. You’re already recording the audio for your podcast, you just need to put a camera in the room as well.

This is a much more effective way of gaining followers on YouTube and it won’t require a lot of money and time effort.

Still, this is not yet the very best way of using the YouTube platform to increase your podcast’s audience. People may not be interested in watching one, two or more people talking for 20-30 minutes.

Upload Supplemental Videos

YouTube videos tend to be more successful when they are shorter – about 5 minutes. If you have time, skills and money, you could create supplemental videos to accompany your podcast.

To understand what type of supplemental videos you could share on YouTube, think about how your audio content could be visual.

For example, if your podcast is about how to develop particular skills. Try to make short videos that show or summarize what your’re talking about.

This method can be expensive, especially if your’re willing to hire a professional video-maker. On the other hand, these types of videos would be engaging on YouTube and you’ll be able to send more and more people to your podcast.

 Video Promos For Podcast

Create Video Promos For Your Podcast Content

Since shorter YouTube videos are more effective, you can use the platform to share short promos or a teaser of your podcast. Here you can provide some hints of the content you will be sharing. While simotaneously pointing people to your main show for the full information (don’t forget to link to your content!). This is a good opportunity for SEO as well.

SEO is so important. Read our dedicated article on the subject when you get a chance.

Live Stream Videos

YouTube allows you to share live-stream videos at no cost. This is an interesting method you could use since it allows you to directly respond to your audience’s questions and comments in real time.

Use this way of engaging with your audience to further grow the business to customer relationship and trust.

Monetize Your YouTube Content With Ads

Once you start your podcast on YouTube. Be sure to monetize your YouTube podcast to increase your income online. This can be done by enabling ads on your videos so you can receive additional commissions from your content.

If you want to learn more about how to make a profit with your online activity, don’t hesitate in getting started our free online entrepreneur course.

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