How To Start A Business Online: Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You

How To Start A Business Online: Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You

Ready to learn how to start a business online with no money? 

In this video, we discuss whether or not affiliate marketing is right for you with Tre’ Mathis from

Each video in this how to start a business online series acts as an affiliate marketing guide for beginners and experts alike. If you’re looking to grow your business online, check out this video on whether or not affiliate marketing is right for you , but be sure to watch the rest of the videos in this how to series when you can. 

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Is Affiliate Marketing Is Right For You

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Video Transcript

What’s going on guys? It’s Tre’ Mathis here, from So glad you guys landed here on my page today. It’s a beautiful day here in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. It’s actually a little snow outside, which is actually surprising. I didn’t think it snowed here on the island. But today is Friday January 18th, and this is the WiFi Journal.

So what’s been going on? What’s been going on? Well yesterday, we talked about becoming YouTube celebrities. That was a lot of fun. If this is your first time checking us out, we like to talk about different ways in which you can grow an online business. Essentially turning your passion into profit and doing it online.

Yesterday, we were talking about YouTube celebrities. I want to make sure that I hit on some important parts to carry on that conversation, because a lot of people are, you know, going to YouTube, promoting products and services on YouTube, and they’re trying to figure out how to make money while doing it. Right?

A lot of people start, they say, “Hey, YouTube is hot. I’m going to start a channel.” But then, they’re starting to ask themselves, “How do I monetize this channel? How do I make money from this channel?” That’s really something to think about, because there are a number of ways that you can make money on YouTube.

One, you can sell ad space. I’m pretty sure you guys seen the bar at the bottom of some of the videos. You can sell space like that, because Google now owns YouTube. You can sell like little blocks, footage time, before and after your video. That’s some money to be made there. But you can invent your own product, or service, or mainly a product.

Let’s say you invented a hoodie, or some merch, that you wanted to sell, or a service, and you want to promote it on YouTube, you could. That’s a fantastic way of building relationship using attraction marketing. You drive people who would be interested in your service and then sharing that service with them through your channel.

But there’s another way in which you can really find profit on YouTube, and that’s through affiliate marketing, which is what I like to talk about a lot. You’re actually going to hear me talk about two things quite a bit over the coming days, and that’s going to be personal development. Because I honestly feel that personal development reaches you far outside of a business, or which way you decided to make money.

Personal development is going to help you in all aspects of your life, so I’m going to talk about that a lot. But also, you’re going to hear me talk about affiliate marketing as well, because I think affiliate marketing is a great way for people, the common everyday person, to begin making money, right away, online. It’s very easy, as far as affordability to getting started with affiliate marketing.

Just let me share with you to carry on the conversation we were just having, about being a YouTube celebrity and the things that you can promote. With affiliate marketing, you’re able to promote someone else’s product or service. It’s usually a product or service that you personally use. So you’re, essentially, recommending and promoting the products you use. In turn, you receive the commission.

That’s what affiliate marketing is. It doesn’t matter what the product is. It doesn’t matter what industry, what-have-you you. If a person has an affiliate program, you’re able to market that as affiliate marketing, as an affiliate marker. So, why will you hear me talk a lot about affiliate marketing moving forward? Well, as you can see, I say turn your passion into profit.

A lot of people wonder how can that conversation be so universal? How can you go to anyone and say you can make money online with your passion. I can help you. How can you be so confident in that? Well, I’m confident in that, because I know what affiliate marketing can do for you. As an affiliate marketer, if you’re a photographer, you don’t have to worry about creating a wonderful camera, or a wonderful zoom lens, if you’ve already found one that lets say Sony, or Canon, excuse me, has already created.

Or Nikon has already created. Right? You don’t have to worry about creating it, but you can promote it and still receive a commission. Let’s say you’re a photographer and you love to travel. Well, that’s your passion. Well, as an affiliate marketer, you could promote the camera that you use, you can promote the hotel in which you just went to, and you can promote the new luggage bag that you purchased.

All these things, you can then begin to promote on your YouTube channel, on your social media platforms, and in turn, receive a commission. Only affiliate marketing allows that to happen. So that’s why you’re going to hear me talk about affiliate marketing a lot moving forward, but you know we put an article … I’ll put the link to the article below.

It’s a little quick guide on affiliate marketing to find out whether or not affiliate marketing is right for you. I encourage you to head on over to the article, like I said, I’ll put the link below. Check it out, read it, see if affiliate marketing is right for you. If so, I think it’s a wonderful option to get started in.

Actually, our community of over 1 million online entrepreneurs, all are surrounding that affiliate marketing, turning our passions into profit, working in a number of different niches. As a community, we bounce a lot of ideas and business off of one another. We have training that walks you through all levels of affiliate marketing. From beginners to experts.

If you are watching this video and you say, “Well, you know I’m already familiar with affiliate marketing.” Well, we’re going to talk about how to use social media, how to use YouTube, and different channels like that, in order to market your niche. So that we can share your passion, so that you can make a profit.

With that, hopefully, you guys go over, check out the article. Hopefully, you guys go over and join our community. If this your first time checking this out, please come join our community. We can’t wait to help you succeed. Again, if you haven’t already subscribed, please do so by clicking on the buttons on the platform that you’re on. until we talk again, take care and be blessed. Peace

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