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How to Sell Your Domain Name Online?

It can happen that you purchase a domain name but then for any reason you lose interest on your blog or website. Instead of letting the domain name just sit there, you could sell it online and earn some extra cash. If you are wondering how to sell your domain name online you are in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to discover your domain’s value, how to find the buyers and list your domain name for sale.

Sell your Domain Name Online

1. Determine the value of your domain

This is the first thing you’ll need to do: you have to properly price your domain. You must be careful not to overprice your domain otherwise you won’t be selling it. Just because you owned it for a while it doesn’t necessarily mean that any other is interested in it. There are some factors that could add value to your domain:

  • .com domains carry a higher price.
  • Shorter domains are easier to sell.
  • Domain names that contain common words are easier to sell, just as well as domains that contain few – or just one – words.

2. Decide how to sell your domain

There are some platforms available online where you can sell your domain name. These are the most popular:

Sell your Domain Name Online

3. Make your information public on the WHOIS directory

Let’s say someone searches for a domain name to purchase, but you already own it. If you are interested in selling it, it’s important that they are able to contact you directly and offer to buy the domain from you. You can update your contact information through your website host.

4. Prepare Your Domain Listing

Once you’ve chosen your marketplace you should optimize your listing. Just uploading your URL won’t be enough. You should maximize your chances of selling your domain by making it more attractive. Add information such as your domain’s age, its existing traffic or authority (if it has any). By highlighting the potential value of your domain you’ll be justifying its price while making it more attractive to sellers.

Sell your Domain Name Online - receive payment

5. Receive the Payment

Once you’ve found a buyer for your domain name you have to finalize the sale. One way of receiving the payment is to use Escrow Service. Using a tool like this one will help you avoid being scammed or tricked by a potential buyer. It’s basically an endurance for both you and the buyer: it acts as a neutral third-party that will safely hold and process the funds.

Some selling platforms have a built-in Escrow process for every transaction done through the site. ( is one of them). If you plan to use this tool when you decide your domain name’s price you should keep in mind that Escrow would take a percentage of the final price.

6. Transfer the domain

If anything has gone smoothly so far, it’s time now to transfer your domain name to the new owner. This is usually done with an authorization code that you should submit to the new owner so that he or she can become the new owner of the domain name.

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