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How to Make Money Working From Home Online: 10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money From Home

Working from home is no longer an unobtainable goal. It’s not just a luxury for the rich and insta-famous. It’s obtainable for anyone!

50% of the population expects to have this as an option in their workplace. In 2018, 43% of US-based employees spent a percentage of their time working from home. In 2019, a cnbc study also showed that people who work from home make more than people who commute.

Wouldn’t you be happier and more successful if you were more comfortable in your working environment?

If you could wear comfortable clothes, jam out to your favorite tunes, have a window with natural light, and work when you want make you more productive?

If you don’t thrive during the 9-5, why do you continue to cram yourself into a box that doesn’t fit?

Have you ever wondered how to make money working from home online? Then you’re in the right place!

1. Work a Web-Based Job

Countless jobs have web-based alternatives. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to be able to make your living from a computer.

You may even find out that your current job could translate into a work from home job online!

Test out a new or updated website, be a virtual assistant, do data entry, IT work, customer service, bookkeeping, and more.

2. Sell Labor And/Or Goods Online

Calling all artists or tradespeople! If you have a unique skill that you love doing, turn it into the career of your dreams.

Novice artists, designers, repairmen, and the like can take the craft that they have learned and do well, and turn it into a lucrative business.

Websites like eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist all cater to the solo entrepreneur.

If you aren’t sure where to start, look around online, take a few classes, and see if there is something you love doing that could make you some extra dough.

3. Track Your Daily Life and Spending Habits

Retailers want to know what the average shopper is doing. They want to know how you live and how they can help you live that life better… with their products.

This isn’t for everyone, but there is some potential for earning by letting apps or plug-ins track your spending, fitness, grocery shopping, screen time, and more.

There isn’t a ton of earning potential here, but it is effortless. The technology does the work for you.

4. Teach What You Know

This could go for those with traditional teaching degrees, or those who have mastered their trade.

If you have teaching experience, think about tutoring struggling students of all ages or even from other countries. You can even sell your lesson plans to struggling or exhausted teachers.

If you have mastered your trade, consider creating an online course or how-to guide. This is something you can publish once and reap income on for years to come (as long as the information stays updated and relevant).

5. Coach Others Towards Success

This is similar to teaching but catered more towards those in the later phases of their educational journey.

For those who already have an introductory level of information on your topic. You can offer them alternatives or updates to their existing skills.

Think of this ad your fitness, cooking, or artistic type classes. These are skills that don’t necessarily need hands-on guidance but could use some enhancement or encouragement towards their goals.

6. Write It Down

If you love to write, why not get paid to do it!

Bloggers, copywriters, technical writers, editors, proofreaders, and eBook authors only need a laptop and good Wi-Fi to get to work.

Take skills like a love of research, reading, or storytelling and see what you can do with it. Some of these skills can also cross over into other areas!

If you are one of the well-seasoned teachers we talked about earlier, consider starting a blog that offers downloads you created, at a cost.

If you aren’t nailed down to any specific topic, consider freelancing. This gives you the freedom to dip your toe into all kinds of topics. You dig into the research and then move onto another topic once that task is complete.

7. Invest in Something You Believe in

If you aren’t sure where to start, consider investing in someone else while you figure it out. You could find a company that is starting out and then see a payout once they start to succeed.

If you are looking for something quick or techy, consider investing in stocks or cryptocurrency.

8. Be Your Own Boss

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, why not start your own company?

Tons of websites can help you design your site, your brand, logo, and let you run your business how YOU want!

This does mean that the process, start-to-finish, will be completely in your hands. This path is only for the truly devoted!

9. How to Make Money Working from Home Online with What You Already Have

Do you have some things in your possession that you hardly ever use?

  • Spare Room
  • Second Vehicle
  • Seasonal or Sporting Gear
  • RV
  • Instruments
  • Seasonal Clothing or Formalwear
  • Parking Spaces
  • Baby Clothing or Equipment

Did you know that there are websites that will manage the rental of these items for you or help connect you with potential renters?

Talk about passive income!

In a lot of ways, renting out your possessions can be an easy way to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time. Look around to see what resources you can find to support your renting goals.

Or maybe start your own!

Keep an eye out for potential liability, rental agreements, and insurance issues. Make sure you keep yourself, and your stuff, covered!

10. Come up with Your Own Unique Idea

Is your mind buzzing right now?


You may be surprised at how receptive the online marketplace can be to new ideas.

Think of something you are passionate about. What makes you unique? What can you offer?

Follow the trends and adjust to keep up with it all.

So, Where Should You Start?

I’m glad you asked!

Take a free, online course to figure out what your next steps should be so you can set yourself up for success. After this course, you will no longer have to wonder how to make money working from home online!

If you have the dream to make money working from home online, know that there are oceans of opportunities if you have the drive to make something happen!

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