How To Make Money On Clickbank – For Beginners

The usual process is that a newbie registers on Clickbank, finds some product and start throwing traffic at the product. 

In the end, they silently and painfully watch how no one spends a dime on the product. 

In the end, you’ll hear them say that Clickbank doesn’t work or does not pay. 

Why did the above happen? 

Because beginners are always in it for the quick cash and skipping many of the other important steps. 

Clickbank is the biggest affiliate marketplace on the internet and has the largest repository of affiliate products.

Not that there are no other affiliate marketplaces, but Clickbank offers a high commission, fast payout, large catalogue of products and is very newbie friendly. 

All said, how can you now make money from Clickbank? 

Let’s set a base, say $500 daily. 

Don’t be in doubt, it is quite possible even for you as a newbie if you follow this guide; 

In this guide, we’ll focus on three areas; choosing products, the funnel and the traffic. 

Choosing The Product

    It all starts from choosing a niche and category, to make the process easier for you. Choose one that you are familiar with. 

    Fill in some criteria that should help to filter products you will be promoting. 

    You can choose products based on popularity or high gravity, which means a lot of affiliates are making a good penny from such product. 

    When choosing a Clickbank product, do not be guided just by popularity or the high gravity nature.

    Let your choice be determined by your interest in the niche, the wow factor of solving a problem, and a clean landing page with a simple checkout. 

    Lastly, your choice of product should be made in line with the availability of support for such product. 

    What Your Funnel Should Look Like

      At this juncture, you should choose the journey potential visitors will go through in buying the products. 

      Usually, there are three means to guide the journey; direct linking, Lander to Offer, and Lander to Opt-in, then Offer. These three are the most popular of the funnels available. 

      Of the three, the last option of creating a Lander to Opt-In , then Offer seems to be the most complex, but it can be the most rewarding.

      If you need help creating your Clickbank funnel. I suggest checking out this free book

      The information in this book showed me step by step how to create my first funnel and build my current email list.

      Which means you too will learn how to create an email list for your Clickbank products. 

      After setting up the funnel, you are good to go in search of traffic. 

      Driving Traffic To Your Products

        There is no step of the three that is not important but getting a good amount of traffic is quite an important one. You can have a good product and create an awesome funnel, but without the right amount of traffic, it’s all for nothing. 

        When it comes to traffic, the options are limitless and dependent on your budget, time and skillset. 

        You can make use of SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing Via Youtube and many other options to drive the traffic to you ClickBank landing page and funnel. 

        Final Words…

        Thinking of making money via Clickbank? 

        Start by subscribing to this Free Online Entrepreneur Course by WiFi Entrepreneur

        It will jumpstart you in your journey to making good money through Clickbank.

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