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How To Get Paid For Blogging

You want to make an extra income right? Well, you are not alone. 

There are a bunch of people out there hoping to create an extra source of income for themselves through a side hustle. 

You must have heard that you can make a good penny through blogging. 

So, you opened a blog, but you are stuck in loop as to how to get paid for your blog.

First Thing First

Never think that it’s impossible to make money through blogging. 

However, get it out of your mind that it’s a get rich quick scheme, because it’s not. Totally far from it. It takes time and patience. But, if you do it right, you are assured of making an income sufficient to cover your bills and take care of your family. 

There are different ways to make money through blogging, but to get it right do this first. 

Acquaint yourself with the right knowledge on how to succeed as an online entrepreneur by taking this Free Online Entrepreneur course. If you have completed this step. Here are ways to get paid for blogging:

Sell Private Ads Space

    Depending on your niche, reach, traffic and location, you can allow advertisers place adverts on your blog. Private ads usually comes in sponsored posts, banners, post, buttons, links or a review. 

    You can either charge a one time fee for adverts, ask advertisers to by advertisement credits or charge monthly. If you have a newsletter, you can also sell ads in the newsletter to your subscribers. 

    It all depends on how successfully your blog has grown. 

    Join an Ad Network

      This is the most popular way bloggers make their money. By joining an ad network to do either CPC, PPC, or CPM ads. You must have heard of Google AdSense. It’s the biggest ads network bloggers rely on. 

      It’s dependent on the Ad Network to choose ads that are most relevant to your content. Aside Google Adsense, you can also go with, Infolinks, Chitika and many others. 

      You options are without limitations when it comes to ads networks. 

      Consider Affiliate Marketing

        If you are not sure of how affiliate marketing works, then you should do a research to know more. It’s a proven means of making money as a blogger. An adverstiser gives you a commission for every sale made through your site. 

        There’s always a unique code that is used in tracking sales. This informs the advertiser of every sale made through your blog. All you have to do is embed an affiliate link in your content. When the reader clicks and buys the product or service. You earn yourself a commission. 

        Sell Your Own Digital Products

          If selling for yourself makes some sense. Then it’s another means of making  good money from blogging. You can sell Online Courses, Images, eBooks, Software and more through your blog. 

          Listen to the needs of your audience and create a digital product that appeals to them. Don’t just sell anything based on assumption.

          If you want to learn all the steps, secrets and proven strategies to make money through blogging. Be sure to complete our Free Online Entrepreneur course.

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