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How to Earn Money Blogging

The internet is filled with multiple ways of making money and blogging is surely one of them. If you are fascinated by crafting interesting content and post, you could well earn some money doing what you love.
If you also have an already existing blog or blogging is just something you just do as a hobby. There are several ways by which you can monetize it.

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick venture, but when it is done right. You can earn enough to live out your dreams. In your attempt to earn money blogging, there are proven ways to go about it.

Let’s explore some of the easiest ways to earn money blogging.

Find a juicy niche to blog about

Blogging statistics have shown that to be a successful blogger. You first need to figure out which area or topic you need to blog about.

It is important to understand that your blog niche isn’t limited to the group of themes or topics that your blog contents will revolve around. A blog niche that guarantees earnings run deep, it includes a comprehensive collection of everything essential to make your blog interesting – ultimately giving your readers a reason to keep visiting your blog.

Capitalizing on latest trends, happenings, bants and memes puts your blog ahead of the others. It secures your position as the go-to blog for hot aswell as latest trends and each time something breaks, your page is showered with clicks.

Build your Readership

From the point where your blog is guaranteed to have lots of visitors from time to time. Monetizing your blog becomes easier.

When you are just starting your blog. You won’t have many readers, but it is important to keep your head on the swivel and shun discouragement.

This means you need to ensure that first-time readers of your blog will always find a reason to come back. Having new readers is less as important as ensuring that your visitors return because there is no way to have a sizeable and profitable audience without retaining your visitors.

One of the best reader-retention tact is to provide an email column where they can fill in their email address. This enables you to contact them with updates.

Adding first time readers to your mailing list is a smart move because that’s where the money is.


All attention can be turned to advertisement after your mailing list has been built to a level. Advertisement is the top way to earn money as a blogger. This is because advertisers will pay any amount to have their ads shown on a page that has plenty of visitors.

Google AdSense is one of the easiest way to blog for money. It simply involves getting paid from showing adverts on your page. Once a buyer makes a purchase from the advert displayed on your page, you earn a certain percentage in your Google AdSense account.

There are several posts online that reveal how to make money from blogging but the most vital strategy includes putting up meaningful content that attracts readers then capitalizing off your traffic to earn money.

Final Words

To stay ahead of millions of others as a blogger, you’ll need to stay educated and informed. Try out this Online Entrepreneur course by WiFi Entrepreneur. It will prepare you in learning how to earn money blogging.

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