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How To Create A Landing Page Using The Best Templates Online

In this article we will share with you how to create a landing page using some of the best templates online, but we first want to make sure you understand something important.

Unless you have the product of the year. Many of your first time visitors won’t become first time buyers. To make matters worse, even fewer will remeber your website name in the next few days.

If you are spending money on paid ads, not converting paid vistors to customers can be a costly mistake for online business. 

WAIT, don’t panic!

If you are looking to grow an online business, then capturing the contact information of the people who visit your website is crucial to your long term success. Luckily a properly designed landing page can help you capture this important piece of information.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page created for an advertising or marketing campaign. When users click on ads from Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc., they land on this type of page, specifically designed to contain a so-called call-to-action.

This is how, unlike ordinary web pages, landing pages are particularly effective in converting visitors to your site into leads.

How is a landing page different from any other website home page?

A traditional website homepage has tons of links – a menu, categories, sections, etc.

A landing page, instead, is super focused on the call to action that it is designed for, that it only has one (or just a few) links.

Having fewer links on your landing page, the visitor’s entire attention would be hyper focused on the call-to-action.

How does your landing page fit in with your marketing funnel?

If at the top of your funnel you have all the places where your ad or link can be placed (Facebook, Instagram, Google, emails, etc), and at the end of it you have your campaign’s main goal which is leads generation. Your landing page would fall in the middle.

Your landing page is where the actual conversion takes place in the form of a subscription, a purchase, a registration, etc…

How To Create a Landing Page

The following steps will help you create a powerful landing page.

1) Set an Offer

    Before starting to design your landing page you need to have an offer.

    Your landing page has to offer something, whether it is a free e-book, a special discount or a subscription to your newsletter.

    The offer must be of interest to your ideal customer and in line with your website typology (ie. don’t offer a discount on coffee pods if you sell a photography course).

    2) Build your landing page

      There are several tools available online that can help you with this process, but you still need to know what elements you should or shouldn’t include:

      • The page must be completely focused on the offer, so even the website navigation menu should be removed.
      • Your should insert a compelling headline that explains how the offer can be useful to the visitor, and some bullets to detail its benefits. It must be something that makes the visitors willing to leave the email address and other information.
      • An image could also be included to show what the offer looks like.
      • A form would be fundamental piece to the landing page. It should require at minimum the visitor’s email address and, optionally, further info such as name, company name, etc…

      3) Deliver the offer with a ‘Thank You’ page

        The Thank You page is the webpage that appears after the user has completed the form or has clicked the download button. It is critical in completing the landing page experience.

        Since it is measurable in Google Analytics or other marketing software analytics, it helps measure the success of your landing page. Plus, by offering next steps in your Thank You page, it can also offer you an opportunity to further develop a relationship with your new leads.

        In Conclusion

        A landing page is part of effective marketing or advertising campaigns, which are critical to successful online business, especially if you’ve just started yours, or you’re creating a new one from scratch.

        If this is your case, other than this article, you may also find it useful to check out some of our more dedicated articles on the subject like – A step-by-step guide to creating an online business, and How to start an online business for free step-by-step.

        Leadpages and Clickfunnels offer some of the best landing page templates and software to choose from.

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        The best thing you can do now however, is join our online community. We have organized some of the best resources like this to help you create a landing page for your business, and so much more.

        If you have any questions or comments about this article, please share them in the comments section below.

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