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Commission Hero Review – Is it a Scam or is it Legit?

This is going to be a Commission Hero review, to find out whether you can you actually make $1000 a day with this product or is Commission Hero a scam?

What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is a ClickBank product run by the number one ClickBank affiliate Robby Blanchard. Commission Hero is the ultimate 3-step system to generate thousands of dollars every day in affiliate commission with the power of Facebook Ads and ClickBank offers.

What are Robby’s three secrets to making $1000 a day with ClickBank?

So, in the product, he mentions his three secrets to making $1000 per day. What are his top 3 secrets?

Secret #1: How to find the BEST and highest paying offers to make MOST money possible.

You can have all kinds of ads running on Facebook, yet you make close to zero sales with your ClickBank products. So, Robby claims that in this Commission Hero product of his he is going to show you how to do that right.

Secret #2: How to use your Facebook account to run ads for other people’s products on ClickBank for BIG Commissions

Many people are doing it but not many are making the kind of money he is making. So that does make it somewhat of a secret.

Secret #3: How to use a 3-step system that psychologically forces people to buy your offers

This has to do with the image you use for your ad, your ad copy and the actual offer you are putting in front of the table.

If you are a Commission Hero affiliate, you can not give anyone else a walk through of the product. Many ClickBank products allow you to do that but Commission Hero doesn’t. Therefore we’ll just go through what’s in the different modules for you.

Module 1: Choosing your offers

Here you are going to pick the right ClickBank offers so that you can bag profits right away. He also shows you how to get 90-100% commissions. Robby knows many vendors out there so he can probably get you those kinds of commissions. Which is good for you as an affiliate to Commission Hero.

Module 2: Creating Your Images

The images are the most important part of this system. If your images are not good enough people are not going to look at your ads. They are not going to get on your email lists.

Robby will show you his million-dollar images that only cost him $5 per image. He will walk you through the designs that have proven to work for him.

A lot of the images we use for ads work and many don’t. He’ll basically show you what works and what doesn’t so you can save yourself a ton of time and, of course, frustration.

He also shows you how to turn your images into videos for even higher click-through rates for your ads.

Facebook ads actually work. A while back I did 2 series of Facebook ads for 2 of my affiliate products. One was a recurring product and the other was a targeted network marketing company. I was able to get on the leader boards with those affiliate programs.

Module 3: Setting up your landing pages

Your landing pages need to be compliant with Facebook. He will show you exactly what you need on your landing page so that it is both Facebook compliant and converts like crazy.

The product also guides you on how to create article landers or quiz landers which can basically force your audience to purchase the products. People are mostly really interested in going for quizzes, articles or things of the sort.

Split testing is in. You split test different variations of your landing page to test what works best for achieving higher sales and conversion.

Module 4: Running Facebook Ads

Of course, you are going to run Facebook ads for getting success with this product and the strategies it mentions. If you are just starting with Facebook ads this is going to be really beneficial as it guides you on how to take the guesswork out of running Facebook ads.

It will teach you the right way to set and target your Facebook ads so that you get profitable fast.

You will learn to identify your winning Facebook ads and then scale them up for super-profits. You won’t be losing a lot of money.

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Bonus Modules

There are a couple of bonus modules that come with Commission Hero.

Bonus 1: A Million Dollar Image Swipe File

This one in particular includes:

  • 20 images that made him millions of dollars
  • These images have proven to work
  • You can use these images as inspiration for creating more images
  • They will help you fast track towards success

Bonus 2: Done-for-you landing pages

You don’t even have to figure out your landing pages. Robby gives you all the landing pages that he has used in combination with Facebook ads to make huge sums of money.

You don’t have to put time designing those pages, you don’t even hire someone to do that for you. All you do is plug and play.

Again, this is to speed up the entire process and start seeing money pouring in fast.

Bonus 3: A Million Dollar Ninja Tactics

In this module, you are taught how to use his scaling tactics and get more ad accounts. We have known very savvy ad accounts getting shut. So this one’s a good bonus to have.

He will show you some credit card tricks, and how to command higher commissions and increase sales by 25%. That’s not it, the program has much more to offer as well. All these strategies have made him millions over the years.

Bonus 4: Commission Heros Facebook Group

You will get full support from everyone in The Commission Hero Group on Facebook where you can ask questions 24/7 and get help from Robby personally and others in the group who have made it big.

You can even share your big wins and help or get help when you or someone like you are frustrated.

Commission Hero Pros

  1. The course is taught by Robby Blanchard who happens to be the #1 ClickBank affiliate. He won the affiliate contest by a $200,000 gap. He really knows what he is doing.
  2. You get access to him directly via the Facebook group.
  3. You get a proven system to make good commissions and a good income.
  4. It has a 12-month success policy. If you take the course and put all the strategies to test for 12 months and don’t get any results, you can ask for a refund. They do that because they are looking for people who really value education and are going to take the course seriously. Everyone runs into roadblocks in doing everything but that’s what his support group is for.

Commission Hero Cons

  1. There is a learning curve involved. You will have to learn a good number of new things and apply them. Although, if you have done Facebook ads before, it might be a bit easy for you. But all that learning is actually worth it.
  2. You need money to invest in ads. You can start small but eventually, you will need to scale up for bigger and better results.
  3. It is a higher ticket product and comes at $997. They do have payment plans as well which you can look up if you don’t have that kind of money to invest in the product right now.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all of this is not a system you set up and sleep on it. You actually have to be vigilantly looking into it every step of the way. It’s more of a process than a system. You need to look into your ads, see what’s working and build on that.

So, this was our Commission Hero Review. As it turns out, and you may have guessed from the review itself, Commission Hero is not a scam. It’s actually a good product with a lot of results to show.

Final Thoughts

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