Choosing The Best Affiliate Network: A ClickBank Review

If you opted to read this post then you are probably looking into the ClickBank affiliate program to decide whether you should join or not.

This post is going to cover the pros and cons of using Clickbank affiliate network. Giving you enough to decide whether to dive into this network or if it’s better to just stay away from it all together.

Look out for some really cool tips to help maximize your results with ClickBank throughout this post.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world.

It has thousands of products in categories like betting systems, computers, cooking, food, wine, e-business, education, fiction, home and gardens, parenting, family, self-help and a tons more.

It’s because of this, ClickBank is considered one of the best affiliate networks in the industry by far.

If you go into any category, say e-business, you will see all of the affiliate products arranged by default as per their popularity.

You can chose to arrange them in many ways to help make your search a tad bit easier to navigate.

For every product it shares with you details about that clickbank product, the initial offer, and what percentage of the sale would receive if you make an affiliate sale of that product. It also tells you if there is a re-bill which means whether you will receive recurring affiliate commission or not.

How does ClickBank work?

There are a ton of categories. Choose which category, industry, or niche you want to promote products in. This could depend on our interest or your work needs.

You have the freedom to choose.

For every category there are a number of products listed.

If you qualify for the promotion of the product you can get an affiliate link to start promoting it.

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If you promote the ClickBank link, which is basically a sales landing page for the product and someone makes a purchase through that link.

You receive an affiliate commission for promoting that product.

It’s really that simple.

Is Clickbank Real?

ClickBank is real and has been around for many years. People have made tons of money promoting various products from ClickBank.

But the question is not about whether ClickBank is real or not.

Unlike what many people think, you can’t just sign up for ClickBank, start spreading links and be successful. Affiliate promotion is art and science combined.

If you don’t know how to market, promote and sell online, then there is no point in you coming to ClickBank.

How to Fail at ClickBank?

When all you do is promote a sales page, you fail. Simply put.

If you intend to buy a car, will you buy it from someone who randomly pops up and starts telling you about the car and just spams you with information? Or would you rather buy from a salesperson who comes to you, strikes an engaging conversation, gets to know you a bit, understands your story and understands why you want to buy a car?

He then uses this information to create an opportunity for you, right in front of you.

If you don’t structure your sales funnel, you are going nowhere.

You need to structure your sales funnel in a way that interests your laser targeted audience. It’s not just about sending traffic to a sales page. It’s pretty rare that someone lands on a sales page with their minds made up ready to buy.

When it starts happening, then you are on the right track.

To succeed you need to understand:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Presentation
  • Influence
  • Posturing
  • Power

If you don’t understand what you just read. This is probably the main reason why you are unable to make money online.

Tips to succeed with ClickBank

Before someone sees the sales page you have to follow 6 steps to build up their minds.

If you succeed in these 6 steps, you can make a successful sale in any of the category on ClickBank.

  1. Understand what your traffic needs.
  2. Imagine yourself in their place.
  3. This will help you now what engaging graphics and powerful presentations you could try to generate leads and customers.
  4. Work to better understand the power of influence marketing and learn how to utilize it to promote your ClickBank products on social media.
  5. Tell a story, and connect emotions to that story.
  6. Promote products that resonate with you.

Final ClickBank Review Thoughts

In conclusion, ClickBank is a marketplace that will give you the tools, information and opportunity to make money online.

You still need to have the skills.

You want to understand how to market first and promote second.

If you really want to succeed in affiliate marketing you need to understand 3 things:

  • It takes time
  • It takes effort and hard work
  • You will have to invest some money

Online business is like any other physical business. You have to invest some money to start getting big money.

By the way, If you want to learn the skills to market any ClickBank product online. Check out of Free Online Training Center. The information inside showcases the tools the top ClickBank marketers (or those who want to be) use to make the big bucks!

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