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Boomerang Buddy Review – Is Boomerang Buddy A Scam?

Boomerang Buddy is an automation software and training program for making money online. Boomerang Buddy is a form of affiliate marketing with a different approach.

This new automation software works with recognized affiliate networks like ClickBank, Amazon, etc. Which means you will be promoting products as an affiliate marketer if you decided to use their program.

Usually when working as an affiliate marketer. When a sale is made, you earn a commission.

Some people describe this selling method as an opportunity to employ others to promote their products legally. Affiliate marketing with the help of Boomerang buddy teaches people how to make a profit from successful people currently on Instagram.

Instagram is a great platform for making money.

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In this Boomerang Buddy review, we hope to answer the question of how much profit one can make by using this system, and is it worth it?

What is Boomerang Buddy About

Boomerang Buddy is another form of affiliate marketing on Instagram.

With Boomerang Buddy, Instagram influences are used to generate traffic for your products. The influencers give shout outs of your affiliate products to capture their followers’ attention. This will direct them to check out your products and potentially buy from you.

There are many influencers with different niches on Instagram. Boomerang Buddy is about finding influencers for your kind of product, which may be quite difficult.

The software will help to find Instagram influencers specific to the product you’re marketing. However, you may have to negotiate with and pay the influencer for the services outside the software.

Is Boomerang Buddy A Scam

We are generally hesitant to say whether a company like Boomerang Buddy is a scam, and that’s usually to cover our own tail (just in case it is). But from what we can tell, Boomerang Buddy is definitely not a scam and here are the reasons why.

Proven strategy

Boomerang Buddy’s strategy is proven and legit. It’s paid advertising through Instagram is a technique being used by more and more entrepreneurs today. This strategy has worked for others, and has helped millions make money on Instagram, and it can also work for you too.

Verified Ownership

The owners; Brandon, Jono and Tom are known, credible marketers in the industry. This doesn’t guarantee anything, but it should give you a reason to trust them.

Money back policy

Boomerang Buddy offers a 60 days window where you can get your money back. After that, your investment is stuck with them. This means you have two months to make a decision whether to stay or leave.

On the contrary, there are few red flags you need to consider as well.

Over Hyped Profits

Boomerang Buddy uses a sales pitch with an over hyped profit pitch of earning over $100 a day. This strategy of over hyped profits is not uncommon in this business.

Boomerang Buddy claims that all the work has been done for you and that’s simply not true at all.

Our review of Boomerang Buddy found that it will take more effort for you to succeed with their program than advertised.


Do upsells annoy you? If so, you should know there are a lot of expensive upsells on this website. This is great if you are looking to sell this product, but if you’re a first time buyer. It can beg the question of whether Boomerang Buddy is a scam. Then there is a timer that can scare you into buying products by making you feel like time is running out on the offer.

We teach these techniques in our free online training center, and found they work great when creating clickbank landing pages.

Not Newbie friendly

Boomerang Buddy is meant to be a newbie-friendly software. Maybe this is based on the aspect of finding influencers on Instagram, but paid traffic is not recommended for newbies.

You will still need to know how to generate advertisements that appeal to potential prospects. If you don’t know much, despite the software, you’ll likely fail at the very start.

Tools like funnel scripts (available in our members area) can help you develop a workable strategy with a little less effort on your part to be the best sales copywriter.


The most successful Instagram influencers charge huge fees which can be a huge investment for a new business. The risk is that it may or may not yield enough return on investment (ROI).

Smaller influencers may not charge excessive fees, but can they deliver the results you seek? Meanwhile, you have to pay to use Boomerang Buddy.

The upfront costs and the possibility of losses are both very high.

Final Boomerang Buddy Review Notes

This Boomerang Buddy review tried to share both the pros and cons of using this Instagram marketing software. Whether Boomerang Buddy actually works for you boils down to whether you pursue adequate training on affiliate marketing and improve upon your social media marketing strategies.

Join our online entrepreneur community and follow along with other successful marketers to learn with what takes in order to be successful online.

Finally, make sure you do your own research before investing in any business. To help carry out your research, our members area is full of great tools and ideas to help you get started.

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