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Affiliate Marketing Guide: Why Is SEO So Important

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In this video, we discuss why seo is so important with Tre’ Mathis from

Each video in this how to start a business online series acts as an affiliate marketing guide for beginners and experts alike. If you’re looking to grow your business online, check out this video on why seo is so important , but be sure to watch the rest of the videos in this how to series when you can. 

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Video Transcript

What’s going on guys? It’s Trevian Mathis here from I’m so glad to see you guys landing here on my page today. It is another beautiful day here at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Today is Thursday, January 17, and this is the WiFi Journal.

So, what’s been going on guys? If you guys are first time landing here on our page, thank you so much for checking us out. We like to talk about how to turn your passion to profit. Yesterday, we were discussing attraction marketing and the benefits of what attraction marketing can really do for your business, your brand, and pulling in people who are interested in your products or services.

Last night, after we shot the video, went online, started posting some of these videos online, I’ve been pulling together content. I’m pretty sure if you’re watching these videos in real time that they are posted. You will noticed that the dates maybe slightly off, but what I wanted to do is generate some content ahead of time and then post it as the progression to place.

We just started posting some of the videos last night. Those will be daily posts from here on out because of the new habit that we formed early this year. We’re going to keep that going. We’re going to keep it going throughout the entire year, but last night, while I was posting the videos … You can’t just post a video. I know a lot of people are really into trying to get into YouTube. There’s a lot of YouTube celebrities out there. I know one. His name is Dan Lok. He’s a guy at Canada, but this guy has created online success for him through YouTube.

You have people like Gary Vaynerchuk who’s created massive success with his Wine Library, and from there, creating Vayner Media and so on and so forth, went on to do some really great things from YouTube. Wiz Khalifa. Wiz Khalifa was one of the first people that I heard about who found success through YouTube. Justin Bieber found success through YouTube and so on and so forth.

I can almost guess or imagine the train is moving more towards YouTube away from regular television, more to relationships like this, and the attraction that one can receive from being on YouTube and having a story, but when you are posting to YouTube, you just can’t post a video. You have to really start to think, “How am I presenting myself? How am I presenting my brand to the world?”

I’m not sure if you guys know, but I hear recently Google bought YouTube, and I say that because of the fact that a lot of people want to make it to the first page of Google, right, when they search, when they do a search as we talked about before, but everyone wants to make it to the first page of YouTube as well, so what YouTube has done since the merge with Google is really put some strong emphasis on the tags. I like to call it search engine optimization keywords, but for YouTube’s sake, they call it tags, and tags are essentially the exact same thing as a search-engine-optimized keyword that you plant inside of your blog or some of your write-ups so that you can be found.

Well, because of the merge with Google, these tags are getting a lot of new weight. I’m sure you guys noticed. You can go to Google, type something in, and not only will you see a few ads that’s not really … We’ll talk about ads at another time. But then, right below that, right below the ads, you will begin to see people who will have optimized their websites to make it to the first page where usually those individuals in the first two boxes usually get a lot of the business. I’m pretty sure if you guys have searched for anything on Google, you don’t really make it to the second and third page. You made it to the one or second, maybe third line. Well, those people get a lot of business, and that’s where you want to be with your business as well.

We talk a lot about that, but it’s the exact same thing with YouTube now. You want to be found in the first few pages or the first few boxes, especially if you’re doing attraction marketing. If you want to be used as a tool, or a lead, or a reference, a place where someone can come gather information, you want to be found right away. When someone said, “Hey, how do I do affiliate marketing?” Hey, they want to be able to type it in, “How do I do affiliate marketing?” and I want to pop up, or affiliate marketing guide. I want to pop up right there right away.

I spent a lot of time last night working on the tags that I will be placing in these video. Not even in these videos. More specifically, in that video because just as with the keywords in an article, it has to be relevant to that article in order for it to be effective. I can’t have an article, a keyword that says “affiliate marketing” and I’m talking about investing in cryptocurrency. Those two things may not work hand in hand, so you want to use relevant keywords, relevant tags in both your YouTube videos as well as your blog posts or whatever other forms of marketing that we’ve discussed like hashtags as well.

The same principle can be used in hashtags when using social media, and we’ll talk about that another time, but really, what I wanted to share here was the importance of keywords, the importance of search engine optimization especially into the future because, again, if Google runs search engine optimization, meaning you go to Google to search for stuff, then you want to be relevant. You want to be in the first two clicks, first two bullet people after the ads and so on and so forth. You want to be right there, and that’s the exact same way you want to be in YouTube.

We talk a lot about how you can really improve on your search engine optimization for your websites, for your videos, et cetera in our community, in our training program. If you guys are not already a part of our training program, I welcome you to join us. It’s absolutely free to get started. You’re going to learn so much information. I’ll put a link to that in the description box below, but also, just so you can really capture the importance of search engine, why SEO is so important, I’m going to go ahead and put a link to an article that we did on why SEO is so important for you and your business below as well. I hope you get opportunity to check it out. I’m gt leave it there. I’m looking forward to talking with you guys again tomorrow. Till we talk again. Take care and be blessed. Peace

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