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Affiliate Marketing Guide: Reading Your Way To Success

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In this video, we discuss Tai Lopez 67 step prgrogram and why reading helps you succeed faster with Tre’ Mathis from

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Video Transcript

What’s going on guys? It’s Tre Mathis here from So glad you guys landed here on my page today. It’s a beautiful day here in Martha’s Vineyard. It’s day four of my forming a new habit and today is Sunday, January 13th, 2019. This is the WiFi journal.

So, I’ve told you guys that last time we talked I was been forming a new habit. Today is day four of that new habit. Like I mentioned before, it’s actually Sunday, which is pretty amazing that I’m actually shooting a video on Sunday. I have to be honest to ask myself, “Would I actually do a video today?” If you guys watched yesterday’s video, if you haven’t had the opportunity please do, go over to the page and check it out. But, as we talked about on yesterday, I didn’t want to formulate a bad habit of not following my habit. My new habit that I’m forming of making a video every day, working from the Power of Habit, which is the book that I mentioned when we started this off in 2019 as one of the keystones for what’s driving this momentum, if you will, in 2019 for the brand, WiFi Entrepreneur. I thought it was pretty remarkable, these videos are really cool because I’m able to communicate with you guys, share with you guys, ideas and things like that, that I’ve been adopting and best practices that I’ve been adopting to move forward with my business. To have success in my online business, sharing with you guys so that you could do the same, if you desire to have an online business and turn your passion into profit.

But, as I reflect on these videos as I go through and I watch some of them, I’m surprised to see how much I’m talking about these different books that I’ve been reading and it’s pretty … I know this sounds crazy but I never was really a big book reader. It was only in the last couple years when I started to see the fascination with learning from other people’s experiences and then, once I adapted those things, those lessons that I learned, how fast I was reaching success. I’m like, “Man, I got to start doing this more often.” I’m not an ignorant child, if you will, my mom always instilled reading into me as a young kid. She used to make me do those book reports, you know how you had to do book reports for school, well I actually had to do a book report for mom at a younger age. She would make me read a book and tell her about the book. It was really cool because a lot of those books were personal development books and I think those personal development lessons that I learned at a young age in those book reports definitely shaped how I progressed in life and things I value and so on and so forth.

Definitely education outside of school education, it was home education. They always say, “Where are the parents at?” Well, my parent was making me read personal development books and that’s pretty awesome but along the way I lost my passion for reading, if you will. It was here recently I was actually checking out a personal development program by a guy by the name of a guy by the name of Tai Lopez, excuse me for fumbling over my words there, but his name is Tai Lopez, he has a program it’s called 67 steps. Now, this program is pretty cool. It’s a personal development program that actually walks you through, day by day, building on different fundamentals to help you live a happier and healthier life.

I’m pretty sure you may have seen some of Tai Lopez’s videos here on YouTube or on Facebook. He is the guy rolling around in the Lamborghini with always a model or something on his arm, or something like that. He’s done very well for himself, he has a social media marketing program so if you’re interested in learning some of the techniques that he’s actually teaching to market on social media. If you want to learn some of those habits, he actually has a class that you can actually sign up for, you can get part of that. But the 67 Step program was the one that I was a part of.

I have to say it was pretty remarkable. Each and every day he would come with new stories and new ideas and new things to think about and concepts to think about. I have to be honest, I didn’t finish it in the 67 consecutive days as is described. However, it took me a few weeks to watch them all but it was great. Great information. I definitely would watch it again. I would highly encourage you if you’re looking for a personal development program that you can get behind that’s going to help build on good habits, as we are right here on day four to these videos. Tai Lopez’s 67 Step program is really, really a good opportunity to get your hand in understanding some of the fundamentals as far as living a complete, healthy and happier life far outside of just creating your own online business. I highly encourage you to check it out and I’ve actually put a little review with a link to information so that you can access that 67 Step program. I’ll put it in the description box below, so by all means go over and check out the little review. Check out the 67 Step program. I encourage you. I definitely know that you will get some … you will find value in the information.

I’m going to leave you there. Oh, I didn’t tell you why Tai Lopez got me. Well it was in the 67 Step program, he has a social media marketing program, but it’s in the 67 Step program, he talks about the book of the day. He has a book of the day program where he would talk about these different books and in his 67 Step program, he brings on a lot of autobiographies of some of the greats like Mister Sam Walton and so on and so forth from the Wal-Mart empire and he talks about some of the things that, the fundamentals he marked in those books and how valuable the information was for him. Also, Tai Lopez was also the guy who came out with the TED talk about how he read a book a day for a year and that’s why he’s driving around in those Lamborghini’s now.

That’s the motivation that got me back into reading. I know I glossed over that so I wanted to double back and mention that. He was the one who got me into reading and showing me the value of picking up nuggets from different entrepreneurs before me. People who have had the success that I’m looking to acquire, learning from them and then implementing some of their strategies right away to see success. This is a strategy that I learned here, I believe it’s going to be successful. Hey, if you guys know anyone who’s looking to turn their passion into profit, or looking to earn income online, I highly encourage you to tell them about We have a community of over one million online entrepreneurs all just coming together collaborating, bouncing ideas and business off of one another. The membership is absolutely free, please come over and join us. It’s free to learn, it’s free to build your website, it’s free to turn your passion into profit. Until we talk again, take care. Be blessed. Peace.

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