How To Use Social Media To Promote a Business

Affiliate Marketing Guide: How To Use Social Media To Promote a Business

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In this video, we discuss how to use social media to promote a business online with Tre’ Mathis from

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Video Transcript

What’s going on, guys? It’s Trevian Mathis here from It’s another beautiful day here in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Today is Saturday, July 19th, and this is The WiFi Journal.

All right, all right. So, what’s been going on since the last time we talked? If you saw yesterday’s video, we talked a lot about affiliate marketing and basically trying to see whether or not affiliate marketing is the right avenue for you in creating your online business. It is one of the many ways that you can generate income online, through the affiliate marketing industry. And I don’t want to talk about that too much more because the fact that if you didn’t see the video, you can just simply go over and check it out.

Today, I want to go back on something that we were talking about that led up to the affiliate marketing conversation, and that was the use of social media, mainly YouTube. I was talking about how people who were posting and wanting to be YouTube celebrities and how there was a number of different ways that you can monetize your YouTube channel, and affiliate marketing being one of those ways.

Well, today I want to go back over and release the pressure if you will, of having to do an online video, or a YouTube channel, in order to in order to find success online. That is not necessarily the case. YouTube is a great social media platform that you can use to communicate, build that brand, draw that connection, have a face along with the information that you’re sharing. That’s a great tool for that. However, there are a number of great social media platforms out there that can be beneficial for your business. You have Twitter. You know Twitter, it’s really taken on a new steam if you will. It’s really starting to catch even in a bigger wave. I have some information about Twitter that I will share it in another video, and I’ll attach some information to this video as well.

But Facebook is another great social media platform with, I think it was 2 billion people currently active on Facebook right now so, you can almost guarantee that whatever market or whatever niche you’re trying to market, you’re going to have customers on YouTube that can essentially be your potential customer. So you definitely want to look at YouTube. I keep saying that. You want to definitely look at Facebook as a resource as well.

Pinterest is another great tool, especially if you are marketing something to women. Women are or own majority of Pinterest, if you will, as far as the real estate. There’s a lot of you. If you’re looking to market to women, then Pinterest then a great way to go about doing that.

Linkedin is also another great tool, especially if you’re doing some business to business. If you have an online service or a product that can help another business be successful as well, you may want to consider doing some marketing on LinkedIn.

Linkedin, back in the day, it was a little bit before it’s time. I know I was on it, and then I got off of it. Facebook took over as a platform that encompassed it all. However, now with the new layout that LinkedIn has put in place, is a great tool to begin to market to some business, to business. It’s a lot of different platforms outside of YouTube that you can utilize to begin to build that brand awareness out there in the marketplace, be able to share your message with other people so, you really want to get a good understanding of each social media platform before deciding on which one you really want to hone in and master.

I know at one point in time I said that I wanted to dominate Pinterest for the products in which I was marketing because I knew that the ladies was going to love the product that I was marketing as in affiliate marketing, I market a number of different products and we’ll talk about on tomorrow’s video on how, how profitable affiliate marketing can truly be for you. But before we go that far I wanted to make sure that I touched on again, some of the different social media platforms that’s available to you and the ways in which you can promote a business on the different social media platforms. I think that’s the thing that you guys really are going to be most interested about. Not only understanding, I’m pretty sure you already knew there was a Twitter, there’s a Facebook, there’s YouTube, there’s the Pinterest but, you may not fully understand how those tools work as far as how those communities, those online communities work as far as when it comes to marketing and promoting a business.

What we’ve done is, we put a link to an article we did an article on how to use social media to promote a business online. I’m going to put that link to the article below so that you guys can check it out. It talks about all the different social media platforms that are available, what are their main Pros versus Cons if you will, and also we talk a little bit about social media manager how frequent posts, I’ve talked about this in other videos that having consistency content, posting at least twice a day constantly is something that you’re going to want to try to do no matter what platform you use. Whether Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, whatever, you’re going to want to at least post, Instagram, you’re gonna want to at least post two times a day, three times is even more ideal. You don’t want to advertise on every single post so, in some posts you just want to again, further your brand, create conversations. You further your leadership role in the marketplace.

What talk about all that in the article below. I don’t want to keep you guys here too much longer so by all means, if you are interested in learning how to use social media to promote a business online, please check out the article below. If you’re interested in making money online, turning your passion into profit, please go over and check out our website where we help you turn your passion into profit. We have a community of over one million online entrepreneurs sharing and bouncing ideas in business out of each other. We have training, online entrepreneur certification course that you can get started for free. All of this is available to you over in our community, please go over and check us out. You know you want to look into start your own business based online, please tell them about our website. Until we talk again guys, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I hope everything has been wonderful for you, blessed for you and your family until the time again, take care and be blessed, peace.

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