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Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners: Start Where You Are

Ready to earn income online through affiliate marketing?

In this video, we discuss starting where you are and doing what is necessary to achieve your goal.

Each video in this Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners series acts as guide for both beginners and experts alike. If you’re looking to grow your business online, check out this video on kicking off your new strategy, but be sure to watch the rest of the videos in this how to series when you can.

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Video Transcript

What’s going on guys? It’s Tre’ Mathis from

So glad to see you guys landed here on my page today. It is, I believe it’s January 4th, 2019. Happy happy New Year. This is the first video of 2019 I am super excited about what the year has in store for us together in 2019. Look I haven’t put together some videos in quite a while, that’s kind of disappointing, however every new start starts exactly where you are. So today is a new day. I’m excited to be here, I’m excited to share some time with you here today. If you know anyone who’s interested in starting their online business or needs help figuring out the ins and outs of getting a business online from idea to profit, please share our page with them The link is probably in this video down below. Up, down, below, Facebook, Instagram, all of the above. YouTube as well. What has been going on? So much has been going on. Wife and I have been traveling the world. That’s been absolutely fantastic. Still been able to do a lot of great things online. Some of the key things I’m most proud of are of course, website, I recently worked with a company to get the homepage layout a little bit better where we’re able to profile to you guys.

The free membership option that we have through our Wealthy Affiliates Community. Over one million online entrepreneurs there sharing and collaborating. I wanted to bring that and make sure that it was visible to everyone, so that we can make sure that you guys are enjoying the community. But also we did some more things with our E-mail marketing. We have Drip, a Drip campaign currently active. However, we wanted to see whether or not we can enhance our opt-in, as we all know E-mail marketing is extremely important, and it only starts once you have a list. So you can’t start E-mailing anyone if you have no one to E-mail. Nonetheless, we added that feature so people can subscribe to our newsletter on our webpage as well. Can’t say that I’m super happy with the company that I used, so i won’t be recommending them to you guys every day for that service. Mainly because I thought they were a little bit slow. I feel like transparency, I just finished reading this book by Gary V, Gary Vaynerchuk, and it’s called The Thank You Economy. It’s truly about providing high class and high level service to your customers, so that they feel connected and they feel appreciated for their business.

I can’t say I necessarily felt appreciated for this business, so I won’t be recommending them to you guys, who I appreciate. That’s what is truly about. It’s about pulling together some of the best tools, some of the best resources that I picked up along these many years of having online businesses that I think are very beneficial to others, that I feel that the education and the knowledge if shared can save people a lot of time, a lot of money in trying to figure out how to get it done. So I recently joined a Instagram page, mastermind group. Which is awesome.

I really appreciate Masterminds, joining different masterminds where you can love it, leverage different ideas from people who are all working towards the same goals. If you’re interested in joining that Instagram Mastermind, I’d definitely ask that you leave a comment below and we’ll get you plugged into that group right away. One of the cool things about this mastermind is we’re gonna start a cohort, where I’m gonna introduce the idea of a cohort, an Instagram cohort.

Essentially, again sharing online that same community type feel on Instagram. So basically, where if my feed is of relevance to someone out there, I ask that they not only participate in following me, but also participate in liking my pages. Liking my photos, as well as leaving comments. And in return, I promise to do the same to those individuals in my cohort. Where I’ll in turn like and comment on those pages. And what that’s gonna do is actually gonna help us stand out a little bit more on Instagram. Because it’s gonna show that people are actually digging our content. Now I know what some people may be thinking. You know that’s almost like having fake comments, having fake likes. No, I say the people who are interested in it, one of the hardest things is finding people who are interested in your product or service or your niche. But once you find those individuals, then it’s simply about making sure that they’re aware that you want them to participate and be plugged in consistently with you.

So, in the Mastermind there’s over 980, 983 thousand people in the Mastermind group so, with that I’m pretty sure I can find a few who are interested in information we’re sharing, we’re just helping people make money online. Turning passion into profit. I’m gonna leave that with you guys here today. Hopefully you guys come over and join our online community over at Wealthy Affiliates. The link is below. Hope you guys go over and check out the new homepage at, the link is below. And last but not least, I hope you guys think about joining our Instagram Mastermind group. I think that you’ll get a lot of benefit from it. Again, down below, or up above, I hope to see you soon.

Take care and be blessed.


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