Affiliate Bombshell – 8 Surefire Strategies That Generates Over $100,000 Per Annum

Many people have posed this question to me: 

“Why is it that some affiliates earn below $200 a month whereas the biggest affiliate marketing experts go on to earn over $3000 – $30000 a month?”

The truth is, that most affiliates aren’t ready to go down the path taken by top affiliates who earn such insane amounts. 

They are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, which is hardly the case when it comes to affiliate programs. 

But affiliate marketers who are ready to do the grunt work have some good news. 

An affiliate marketing strategy’s success today is dependent on these 8 factors.

One of my friends who happens to be an affiliate implemented these steps and earned around $100000 in profits due to the sales he generated.

While these factors might seem pretty simple, which makes most affiliates neglect their importance. They are extremely powerful when you apply them in the right manner.

1. Discover a unique niche for yourself

Most affiliates taste success by selecting the right niche for themselves. 

By finding a profit-making niche, you’re highly likely to make lots of money. 

When you become an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to research ideas of fields of interest that you’re good at. 

Try and find out how many people have an interest or are up researching things that fall under your niche. 

Locate a reputable affiliate program relevant to your niche and begin contacting them. 

Conduct some research as well, to verify their authenticity.

2. Develop a Website

    After identifying your niche field, you’ll then have to get online and start researching information, which you can utilize for building your website. 

    Please remember that you’ll have to develop a site with free content, containing all the data that you have obtained regarding your niche subject. 

    Don’t be hesitant to publish this information for free. 

    Once you’ve catered to all the needs of your readers, they’ll be ready for your guidance. 

    However, don’t sell anything via your website but keep deploying Internet marketing solutions to widen your reach. 

    3. Build an Email List

    Once you develop your website, one of your website’s primary goals will be the building of an email list. 

    This can be achieved by implementing a simple opt-in email form on all pages of your site. 

    This can help you accumulate leads at a faster pace, as visitors will be able to subscribe to tips about your subject niche or your website newsletter. 

    Start cultivating a habit of collecting and providing information on your website, at least on a weekly basis that is useful for your subscribers.

    4. Publish Free Content

    Search for articles online that you think can be helpful for both your prospects and subscriber base and start posting them on your site. 

    Try and find high-quality newsletters and information and get them on your site. 

    Give away freebies via your website for enhancing the subscription rate. 

    Be generous with your content and exceed your visitors’ expectations.

    5. Analyze what your leads are looking for

    While writing your website newsletter, try building sustainable relationships with people on your list. 

    Reply to every email that you receive. Show them that you are interested in helping them with their issues. 

    Show them that you’re interested in knowing them as an individual and not just as a person interested in earning a quick buck. 

    Be free with them and you’ll earn their confidence and trust. 

    Get them the product that they’re actually looking for.

    6. Add this product to your list

    Once you’ve built a certain level of trust with all your email subscribers, they’ll be ready to purchase any products that you recommend as they’ll consider you to be a trustworthy source. 

    Ensure that you have products, with which you have an affiliate agreement with or products for which you have a valid license. 

    Ensure you have master resell rights too. 

    However, make sure that these products are of the highest quality. 

    If not so, your credibility could take a serious hit.

    7. Start selling these products to people on your email list

    Start sending out email recommendations or reviews on products. 

    Highlight it as a unique offer and urge them to purchase these products before their prices are hiked. 

    This strategy is known to cause a spurt in sales. 

    You can earn thousands this way without much effort.

    8. Repeat Step Four (Publish Quality Content)

    Start repeating the steps all the way from four to seven for every two to four months. 

    However, don’t overwhelm your email subscribers with products, which they aren’t interested in.

    And off you go! 

    These are the marketing tips, strategies, and steps that top affiliates across the world employ for beating their competition. 

    If you do it properly, you can easily make between $60000 – $100000 per annum or even more.

    You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. 

    However, be diligent about your efforts. 

    If all you seek is a quick buck, that approach will never work out in the long haul.

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