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4 Reasons You Should Explore A Persona-Based Strategic Content Marketing Plan

There is a very good reason why audience personas/ buyer personas/customer personas are still so widely used by marketing experts – they work!

In case you’re not fully convinced about its potential, here are four advantages of using personas when creating a strategic content marketing plan that could help change your view entirely.

1. You will be able to understand their requirements better

Developing buyer personas is not a simple task. It isn’t simply about putting a name down on your audience and leaving it at that.

Instead, you will have to come up with reasons and features that elaborate on why this persona is a perfect representative of the audience you’re targeting.

You’ll need to jot down job titles, personal demographics, values & fears, goals & challenges, and many other characteristics.

Once you’ve noted down all these characteristics, you’ll be able to understand what they are seeking.

You will then be capable of crafting content, which can fulfill these requirements.

2. You can have a better idea of the kind of customer that they are suited for

Having effective sales funnels is crucial for every brand, no matter how successful it may have been.

Being aware of the stage that your ideal customers are currently in can help you develop content that’s based on the stage they’re in the sales funnel.

Potential customers could be in their awareness stage. Or maybe they could even be about to come up with a decision.

Once you know these details, you can develop content that revolves around these stages & lead the persona down the sales funnel.

This is where the strategy in you strategic content marketing plan gets most of it focus.

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WiFi Entrepreneur

3. You’ll be capable of developing an enhanced marketing plan

If you don’t know your target audience’s specific, you’ll be hard-pressed to come up with a marketing strategy that resonates well with your target audience.

Having an awesome marketing strategy can help you conquer your target audience.

However, you’ll have to know more about your target audience before you can execute a great plan.

It may be difficult in the initial stages. However, you are free to start tweaking your plan in the face of changing circumstances down the road.

At some point, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience. This will help you come up with content marketing ideas that transforms you leads into customers forever..


4. You will be able to get more qualified and better leads

When you start targeting your ideal audience, it only stands to reason that you will start getting more qualified and better leads as well.

As your content is tailor-made to their requirements, they will be attracted to your offerings more as it provides them with a simple solution.

And in no time, you will have people turning into your client or customer, just because you can provide a perfect solution for their needs.

That’s the power of a persona-linked strategic content marketing plan!

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